White Peas Sprout


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White peas, also known as Safed matar are produced by harvesting the pea pods and green peas when they become fully mature are dried followed by their skin removal, after which they split naturally. When dried, the deep green colour of the peas turns slightly yellowish-white or white. These dried peas are harder with a more delicate flavour. Since green peas are unavailable around the year, white peas are a healthy replacement for them.

White peas are most often confused with chickpeas (garbanzo beans), however they can be easily distinguished owing to their spherical shape, small size, and white colour as compared to the latter’s bigger size and yellow colour. White peas though belong to the beans and lentils family, they are easily separated into other groups due to the difference in the ways they are prepared. In this article

1. Reduces cholesterol

2. Helps in reducing weight

3. Stabilizes glucose levels

4. Helps in preventing constipation

5. Good for health of heart

6. Prevents anaemia

7. Great source of Vitamin B



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