10 Wonderful Benefits of Sweet Corn, You must to know

  1. By eating corn, our teeth and jaws become very strong.
  2. Eating maize does not cause stomach upset, it strengthens digestive power.
  3. The empty stick which is seen after eating corn, is used to light a fire.
  4. Kidney function normal by consuming corn.
  5. Consumption of corn is also very beneficial in pregnancy. Eating pregnant women in pregnancy benefits greatly. Folic acid is found in it, which protects the child from diseases.
  6. Iron deficiency causes anemia, but eating corn can cure this disease.
  7. Sweet corn also cures heart disease, because vitamin C and carotenoids and bioflavonoids are found in it.
  8. Eating maize prevents cholesterol levels from increasing and also increases blood flow in the body.
  9. A lot of magnesium, iron and phosphorus are found in the yellow grains of maize, which makes bones strong.
  10. There is a lot of fiber in corn, digestion of stomach is good in eating it.


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