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Benefits of eating sprouted moong or mung

You should not have any doubt about the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals you get by eating sprouted moong beans. Eating fresh sprouted moong everyday can help you remain fit and healthy. Here are some of the surprising benefits of eating sprouted moong.

Rich in nutrients and fiber

Pulses and grams are usually considered to be a healthy diet. But at the nutrients like vitamin c, iron and phosphorus etc get multiplied many times and hence the beans become much more nutrients. Also once the beans get sprouted, the starch contents of the beans get converted into glucose and fructose contents gets converted to maltose. Not only it become much tastier, but it becomes even healthier. And hence, if you want to include one of the properly balanced ingredients in your diet, it has to be the sprouted moong beans.

Boosts immunity

Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of the sprouted beans boost the immunity. Immunity is the defense mechanism of our body that fights various types of illness and viral infections. Eating sprouted moong on daily basis can seriously boost the immunity of your body and your body will be able to fight the common illness much effectively.

Relieve constipation

Constipation is one of the most common health issues, especially for urban population worldwide. Sprouted moong beans can seriously help you get rid of constipation due to high content of fiber. When you eat fiber rich sprouted moong, it boosts your digestion system and helps you to get rid of constipation issues.

If you are having severe constipation, apart from eating sprouted moong beans, you may like to east moong daal ki khichdi. Khichdi is basically when you cook the moong gram in water, and don’t use plenty of spices. Just a pinch of salt, turmeric and you are sorted.


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