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The health benefits of radish leaves are varied ranging from treating diabetes to rheumatism. It contains essential vitamins and minerals and it also acts as a detoxifying agent. The high iron and phosphorus content of radish leaves increases immunity and reduces fatigue. It also contains fibre that helps in digestive process.

Radish Leaves

Whenever it comes to radishes, we stop at the root and do not consider the leaves at all. Looking at the coarse, hairy and prickly texture of radish leaves, our inconsideration of them might seem justified but we miss out on the tons of nutrients that radish leaves possess.

They can used in a variety of ways in cooking; they can be sauteed with garlic and used as a side dish, they can be chopped up and used as toppings for soups, noodles and even in salads and sandwiches.

Nutritional Value of Radish Leaves

Radish leaves are rich in vitamins and minerals. It consists of iron, phosphorus, folic acid, calcium and vitamin C that are essential for many bodily functions. The presence of a variety of nutrients in radish leaves makes it a versatile herb that can cure and alleviate a variety of diseases.


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