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Papdi beans are medium in size, averaging 5-7 centimeters in length, and are long, flat, and slightly curved in shape. The pods are smooth, thick, and pale green, tapering to a point on both ends. There are typically 2-4 seeds contained in the pod that are white to buff, ovoid in shape, and slightly compressed or flattened. When young, Papdi beans are tender with a green flavor, and when mature, the beans become woody, fibrous, and eventually inedible. Papdi beans have a taste similar to green beans with a coarser and drier texture.


Papdi beans are available in the winter.

Current Facts

Papdi beans, botanically classified as Dolichos lablab, grow on a prolific herbaceous plant and are members of the Fabaceae or bean, pea, and legume family. Also known as Green flat beans, Indian bean, Valore bean, and Val bean in the United States, and Warlor papdi, Desi papdi, Gujarati papdi, Surati papdi, Chapparada avare, Chikkudu klaya, and Val papdi in different regions of India, Papdi beans are a popular food source in Asia, especially in the Gujarati region of West India. Mostly used for its green pods, Papdi beans can be used in a wide variety of culinary applications including curries and stir-fries. In the United States, Papdi beans are predominately grown as an ornamental plant and are also used as a cover crop to help prevent erosion.

Nutritional Value

Papdi beans contain iron, magnesium, and calcium.


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