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1. It beats hunger pangs

Mosambis are rich in citric acid, which curbs the hunger pangs that compel you to raid the refrigerator at midnight. According to Science Daily, citric acid can help boost your metabolism and help burn fatter.sweet lime juice

2. It is low in calories

A cup (200ml) of mousambi juice contains just 31 calories, which is way lesser than the calories in sugar-loaded colas and milkshakes. This makes it a perfect between-the-meals snack and a great way to quench your thirst without any guilt.

3. It burns fat faster

The vitamin C in sweet lime not only protects one against colds and coughs but also increases the body’s fat burning capacity. According to the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, people with adequate vitamin C oxidase 30 percent faster during workouts than those with a low level.Sweet lime juice

4. It fills you up

The high water and fibre content in sweet lime juice make you feel full. Don’t strain your mousambi juice; you need the fibrous pulp. It will not only take care of your body’s daily fibre requirement but will also keep you satiated for long. Fitness coaches prescribe a 20 ml shot of mousambi juice before workouts so that you don’t get tired easily. This will ensure you can exercise for long and burn more calories.

5. It flushes out toxins

The acids in sweet lime remove unwanted toxins from the body. This helps the organs function optimally and burn fat faster.Sweet lime juice

How to have it?

Don’t start binge drinking mosambi juice just because it is a fat burner. Two glasses a day should be your upper limit. Experts recommend a glass of freshly squeezed mosambi juice mixed with warm water and honey on an empty stomach every morning for speedy weight loss.

The market is flooded with mosambis but ensures that you buy sweet limes that are ripe yellow without any spots. Heavy and firm ones with thin skin are ideal for juicing. You can add a dash of chaat masala or black salt to make your drink yummier.


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