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Lotus root is rich in nutrients and has a lot of beneficial effects. Health benefits of eating lotus root includes reduction in cholesterol, improves digestion, helps to lower blood pressure and also helps to boost the immunity system. Lotus root also helps to prevent some forms of cancer, balances your mood, helps to relieve depression, increases the blood pressure and also helps to maintain the proper enzymatic activity in your body.

You can now comsume lotus root available different forms such as lotus root chips, tea, lotus root soup and lotus root powder which are not only sooth your taste buds but also offer helath benefits which we discuss in below section in detailed way.

What is Lotus Root?

Lotus root is an underwater root vegetable and it has a shape resembling a long squash. It can grow up to a length of 4 feet. The lotus flower has been used for many years in many Asian countries and represents purity, sexual innocence and divine beauty. Lotus root can be eaten raw, stir-fried, steamed, braised and sautéed and it is available throughout the year.

Nutritional Value of Lotus Root

Lotus root does not have any cholesterol and are is very low in calories. Lotus root has a unique mixture of vitamins, minerals and nutrients which are very beneficial for our body. The minerals present in lotus root are potassium, phosphorus, copper, iron and manganese and vitamins like thiamin, pantothenic acid, zinc, vitamin B6 and Vitamin C. Lotus root also has good quantities of dietary fiber and protein.


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