Galka / Nenua/ Sponge Gourd



The Benefits Of Sponge Gourd


One of the healthiest green vegetables is Sponge Gourd also known as lufa. Lufa is basically a fruit but consumed as vegetable. To make it edible, one needs to harvest it at early stage of development. The fully developed gourd is used as the scrubbing sponge in bathrooms and kitchens. This particular vegetable is considered to be originated from Arabic desserts and spread all over the world.


  • Blood purifier: it is said to be an excellent blood purifier as it flushes out the pollutants from the blood.
  • Prevent Diabetes: gourds have insulin which is extremely beneficial for diabetes.
  • Good for stomach: it prevents indigestion which leads to healthy stomach.
  • Skin care: fully grown gourds can be used as scrubber. It helps to eliminate dead skin cells from the body or face.
  • Weight loss: it helps to prevent cholesterol therefore it helps to lose weight.
  • As it is good for stomach it cures jaundice.
  • Other than food, Sponge Gourd can be coupled with other vegetables to use plastic recycling.
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