Iceberg Lettuce 250 Gms / 50 Rs.


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Iceberg is perhaps the most popular variety of lettuce in grocery stores and restaurants around the world. While not the most flavorful, it is nevertheless prized for its texture, lending its crispness to salads, sandwiches, and anything else that might need a little extra crunch. But what if you don’t want the regular old grocery store head of lettuce? Can you grow your own Iceberg lettuce plant? You sure can! Keep reading to learn how. What is Iceberg Lettuce? Iceberg lettuce gained widespread popularity in the 1920s, when it was grown in the Salinas Valley of California and then shipped around the U.S. by train on ice, which is what earned it its name. Since then it’s become one of if not the most popular lettuce, gracing restaurants and dinner tables all over with its crunchy texture.

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