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Health Benefits Of Cluster Beans (Gavar Phali) And Its Side Effects

What is Cluster Beans (Gawar Phali) Nutritional Value of Cluster Beans (Gawar Phali) Health Benefits of Cluster Beans (Gawar Phali) Uses of Cluster Beans (Gawar Phali) Cluster Beans (Gawar Phali) Side-Effects & Allergies Origin And Cultivation of Cluster Beans (Gawar Phali)
Health Benefits of Cluster Beans (Gawar Phali) And Its Side Effects

Cluster beans or Gavar is classified as a humble vegetable. It was found in the wilds but since time has come to be found as edible food. They are also used for cultivation. It grows in semiarid areas with regular and frequent rainfall. It has been in existence for many centuries but the sad part is that not many know the health benefits of it.

Surprisingly cluster beans have all the health benefits which attribute to a good and healthy human body. Cluster Beans can help in strengthening bones and keep your heart healthy by managing the pumping of blood. This leads to having a controlled blood pressure condition etc. With the hike in percentages of contracting to the deadly disease of diabetes all around the world, cluster bean is one vegetable that is excellent in controlling blood sugar levels.

What is Cluster Beans (Gavar Phali)

“Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba” is the biological term that is attributed to cluster beans. It is a legume and the only source of guar gum. Guar gum is a substance made out of cluster beans. Guar gum is known for its properties of being a thickener and stabilizer and is useful traditionally in various food industries.

Cluster beans are popular in India and countries like Srilanka, Pakistan, etc. It was assumed to be found and developed from an African species called Cyamopsis Senegalensis. It is known as Gavar, Guwar or Guvar bean, and in some places also known as chawnli which is a Hindi translation.

Nutritional Value of Cluster Beans (Gavar Phali)

In terms of nutritional value cluster beans are the most important and the only source of guar gum, which is 75% of dietary fiber. While they being the only source of the guar gum, can be used as an additive to several food and beverages. This is done in order to change its thickness or stickiness as a fiber source. It is used in baked goods so as to improve the dough; it is used as a texture improver in making cheese etc. to name some of the nutritional values of gawar phali:


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