Doodhi (Bottle Gourd)



Reduces stress

Eating lauki can help in reducing stress. Its water content has a cooling impact on the body. It also has sedative properties and relaxes the body.

Benefits the heart

Lauki is also extremely beneficial for the heart. Drinking its juice at least thrice every week will help you in maintaining a healthy heart and will also keep a check on your blood pressure.

Helps in weight loss

For those looking to lose weight, drinking lauki juice can prove to be very useful. Filled with iron, vitamins and potassium, having lauki juice everyday will help you reduce weight.

Helps in treating sleeping disorders

Among other benefits of lauki, it also helps in treating sleep disorders. Ideally mix some sesame oil with the lauki juice and you will sleep better.

Prevents premature greying of hair

Owing to pollution, premature greying of hair has emerged as a nagging problem across the globe. Drinking a glass of lauki juice everyday can help you retain the colour and texture of hair.

Helps in digestion

The humble lauki also helps in digestion. Rich in fiber and alkali content, it helps in treating acidity.

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