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Health Benefits Of Garlic

Garlic health benefits are plentiful which include reversing heart disease, improving the health of diabetics and also preventing and fighting various forms of cancer. As garlic is consumed in small amounts, its bioactive components – sulfur and phytonutrients – have many health benefits. Here are some of the most profound garlic benefits that are supported by studies.

May Help Lower LDL Cholesterol

American scientists found that aged garlic extract supplement can help lower LDL cholesterol by 10% in hypercholesterolemic male human participants. In rats, garlic inhibited the synthesis of cholesterol in liver cells. The researchers further experimented with water soluble and lipid soluble compounds of garlic and found that water soluble compounds in garlic inhibited cholesterol synthesis by 20-60% (8).

Garlic Dose To Lower Blood Pressure

You can eat 1-2 raw cloves of garlic per day to reduce LDL cholesterol.

Garlic Dose To Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

Have a clove of raw garlic in the morning before your morning walk or morning run to keep cardiovascular diseases miles away.

 May Improve Bone Health

Age and unhealthy lifestyle can make your bones weak, which means that fractures and osteoporosis will set in much earlier. Garlic has been found to be effective against osteoporosis and arthritis. In a study, scientists supplemented lab rats with garlic oil and found that garlic oil was able to suppress ovariectomy-induced bone resorption (11). Another group of researchers concluded that the diallyl disulfide helps to suppress the matrix degrading enzymes and therefore prevents damage to the bones (12).

Garlic Dose To Improve Bone Health

Consume 2-3 raw garlic cloves per day to improve bone health.


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